Class FuzzerSecurityIssueCritical

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    public class FuzzerSecurityIssueCritical
    extends RuntimeException
    Thrown to indicate that a fuzz target has detected a critical severity security issue rather than a normal bug.

    There is only a semantical but no functional difference between throwing exceptions of this type or any other. However, automated fuzzing platforms can use the extra information to handle the detected issues appropriately.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • FuzzerSecurityIssueCritical

        public FuzzerSecurityIssueCritical()
      • FuzzerSecurityIssueCritical

        public FuzzerSecurityIssueCritical​(String message)
      • FuzzerSecurityIssueCritical

        public FuzzerSecurityIssueCritical​(String message,
                                           Throwable cause)
      • FuzzerSecurityIssueCritical

        public FuzzerSecurityIssueCritical​(Throwable cause)